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The Perfect Face Regimen for every skin type and issue. The Valentine’s Collection Kitty Face Bundle is an amazing 5 step regimen that will bring your skin to complete Harmony. Including the Kitty Fade Mask, a customer favorite, takes this bundle to a whole different level! In your skincare regimen it’s important for you to have a CORRECTIVE product to give your skin that BOOST it needs to achieve that IMMEDIATE GLOW! You cannot go wrong with this Bundle. The beautiful floral Geranium Scent to the Vanilla Extract to incorporating the Pink Rose Bud Flower this Collection will have your skin looking and feeling better than it ever has before! Geranium gives a very calming floral scent that helps eliminate dead cells, tighten the skin, promote the regeneration of new skin all while diminishing signs of aging! The Pink Rose Bud infused in our oils have anti-bacterial properties found in rose petals make it an excellent remedy for fighting acne and breakouts!

I promise you won’t regret this purchase and Your face will Thank you for making this investment!

Valentine’s Collection Kitty Face Bundle

  • Valentine’s Collection Kitty Wash(4oz)

    Valentine’s Collection Kitty Oil(2oz)

    Valentine’s Collection Kitty Rose Water (2oz)

    Valentine’s Collection Kitty Fade Mask (4oz)

    Valentine’s Collection Kitty Balm (1oz)

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