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Our “Kitty Healing Oil” is a 100% Organic Formula hand crafted and made by Our CEO/Founder Adrienne Wilson for EXTREME wound care and cystic acne.

“Kitty Healing Oil” is A perfect mix of Noncomedogenic Oils and Herbs to bring together the perfect formulation for your Kitty, Face, Body, Hair and Even open wounds. “Kitty Healing Oil” not only does an amazing job at wound care balanced but it is also NONCOMEDOGENIC so it won’t clog your pores. “Kitty Healing Oil” is also COLD PRESSED so the oils hand selected by Adrienne are not processed with high heat levels. Processing Oils with high heat levels that destroy the enzymes and medicinal properties of the Oil. For my Customers with CYSTIC acne, “Kitty Healing Oil” has amazing antibacterial properties, Killing off bad bacteria that don’t belong on your skin and in your pores! Our “Kitty Healing Oil” is also packed full of amazing medicinal herbs, flowers, Salt Crystals and even berries to Organically bring your Skin to a complete HEALING! Keeping the pimples away, fading hyperpigmentation(scarring), rebuilding your Skin Cells and revealing your true Beauty🌿.

Kitty Healing Oil




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